being a pizza delivery driver is great because literally no one is disappointed to see you


Patrick's tweets about Pete



I reached 900 followers!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Since I know a bunch of you guys are Rooster Teeth fans, I thought I’d do a giveaway!!!!! 

This giveaway is $40 (Including shipping, sorry!!) to anything in the RT Store. You can buy things like posters, shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, and other things. If the cost with shipping goes a little over $40, it’s not a big deal I just want to stay in that general price range. 


  • You can like and/or reblog to enter.
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  • It’s available to anyone worldwide. Just keep in mind that if shipping is more expensive for you it will effect what you want to spend the $40 on. 
  • You have to have your ask box open.
  • You have to be able to give me your address and be okay with me sending you the package. (I’ll send it straight from the store but still)
  • No giveaway blogs please that’s not really fair. 

This giveaway will end SEPTEMBER 1ST so there’s lots of time to enter. Thank you again for following me again and I hope you enjoy! 


Having a pet is so weird. Like neither of you speak each other’s language and yet you form some strong bond by rubbing against each other and sleeping together and you might accidentally kick them in the face or step on their tail once in a while but at the end of the day you two are best buddies from entirely different species.

If you didn’t cut last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you didn’t purge last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you ate something last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you calmed yourself down during an anxiety attack, I’m proud of you.

If you didn’t let the bullies get to you, I’m proud of you. 

If you stayed alive for another night, I’m proud of you. 







[echoes of eleven blowing up cybermen to get information in the distance]

People who don’t love Nine are the dumbest.

People think that Nine is dark sullen and a killer. They’re wrong. Nine not dark. He’s light and happy and in love. He wear a leather jacket and is the closest Doctor the the Time War but he is not dark. He is a light person who is fighting his dark past. He knows what he’s done and is fighting to write his wrongs. He just wants everyone to live.

Eleven on the other hand is the exact opposite. People think he’s a puppy in a fez. They’re wrong. He is not happy and joyful. He’s careless. He is having adventures while ruining lives and killing people. He is the man who forgets. He has forgotten the pain he felt after what he did and now is so comfortable killing.

He doesn’t remember Nine. Nine, the Doctor with depression. Nine, the Doctor who fell in love with an nineteen year old shop girl who didn’t need a magic back story to be special. Nine, the Doctor who went and saved his friends without killing. Nine, the Doctor who chose to lose instead of causing loss.

Nine chooses to give up being a god. Eleven pretends he is a god. Nine would make a merciful god. Eleven acts like a vengeful god. Nine is a puppy in a leather jacket. Eleven is a a killer in a fez.

Wow, that just summed up my feelings on where Doctor Who has gone better than anything else I’ve read. 


hot people with tattoos and glasses make me sweat


i’d really like some wireless waterproof earbuds for shower time


then he wentz 


then he wentz 


I live for those 2 guys in the middle


I live for those 2 guys in the middle



a hoodie and underwear is all you really need to wear tbh


you never realize how pointless this website is until you try to describe it to someone



Some fandoms are waiting for season 10, others for episode 10.

I love how people just


"homework" *tired zombie noises*

"studying" *sad zombie noises*

"responsibilities" *disgusted zombie noises*

"internet" *happy zombie noises*


i want boys to like me so i can not like them back and feel powerful